Biodegradable Plastics




Plastic packaging represents 26% of the total volume of plastics used globally. Today, 95% of plastic packaging material value, or USD 80–120 billion annually, is lost to the economy after a short first use. The recycling rate for plastics, in general, is roughly 5% for plastic packaging and is far below the global recycling rates for paper (58%) and iron and steel (70–90%). By scaling up the adoption of industrially biodegradable plastic packaging, reduces negative impacts on the environment when leaked, while also being recyclable and competitive in terms of functionality and costs.
We at Sparkle Solutions LLP believes that sustainable products are those which have least impact on earth throughout their life, from creation to disposal. Thus, our biodegradable* plastics (BioD) for packaging are committed to reduce environmental waste and promoting sustainability. We work with industry leading supplier to ensure that our materials are safe and high performing with long shelf life, maintaining strength or any physical or chemical properties. We have done multiple third-party verification testing: 1. Biodegrades* under ASTM D5511 method (A method included in MOEF’s Plastic Waste Management Rules 2011 2. Biodegrades in landfill conditions due to microbial action, without polluting groundwater or soil 3. Biodegradability testing by third party labs in USA and Intertek in India 4. Food grade tested by FDA and CIPET Chennai.

The advantage of Our Biodegradable Plastic  are:
Our Biodegradable Plastics are superior to conventional plastics or other types of plastics because of the following reasons
• The only biodegradable which degrades most of the plastics from PE, LDPE,PP,PET to ABS

• Unlimited shelf life and Certified by IIP, Intertek, CIPET and FDA

• The only biodegradable in India, which degrades under landfill conditions* also

• Tested and certified under international standards (ASTM 5511-02, ASTM 5338 )

• Brands you Green and sustainable with a modestly higher cost

• Enhancing eco-friendly product development across the value chain

• Keeping ahead of government regulations

• Enhancing sustainable policy and sales